Since I took the proverbial plunge into life as a freelance copywriter, I get asked a lot of questions like ‘do you like working from home?’, ‘do you get lonely?’ and ‘do you wear pyjamas and watch telly all day?’.

The short answers to these are ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I wish’. The longer answers are in this blog post.

There are BIG advantages to working as a creative freelance copywriter from home in Bristol (no commute, no annoying office politics, sheer convenience) – but there are a few potential downsides too (more distractions, cabin fever, no free central heating).

If you’re thinking of becoming a freelance copywriter, these are the things I reckon you need to avoid the downsides and make working from home work:

  1. A cat.

No, TWO cats. Okay, one will do. If just looking at cute cat pictures improves your productivity, just imagine what a real life cat can do! My two hang out in my office with me all day. They make for pretty cute colleagues and good makeshift hot water bottles in the winter months. They’re rubbish at filing though and have an annoying habit of drinking your tea when you’re not looking.

  1. A study (read: spare room with desk in).

Those people who say you can’t work efficiently at your kitchen table are right. It just doesn’t work. The same goes for your sofa. You really do need a dedicated workspace. I’m not talking about anything fancy. I spent about £200 transforming my spare bedroom into a workspace that I love being in with a cheap but sturdy desk, a comfy chair and a few bits and bobs to stash away officey junk in.

  1. A study with a DOOR

Being able to physically shut out distractions (that includes family members, unless they are bringing you cups of tea and/or snacks) is really important.

  1. Routine.

I love the flexibility of being a creative freelance copywriter, but I still try to stick to working office hours. I’ve also got into a routine of spending five minutes getting rid of desk clutter at the end of each day. Someone far more organised than me said it helps you feel motivated the next morning – and it’s true!

  1. A nearby coffee shop.

About once or twice a fortnight, I work from a local coffee shop. Any old Starbucks will do – though I recommend Boston Tea Party to any freelance copywriters in Bristol, especially those who appreciate a good goat’s cheese panini, nom nom nom. Mostly I love the quietness of working from home – but occasionally it’s good to be somewhere with a bit of hustle and bustle. I also use it as a chance to meet with friends for lunch (the kind of thing you do on lunch hours in a normal office job).


Got any of your own tips for working from home? I’d love to hear them!